Monday, August 27, 2012


We would like to thank all beta participants for all the help you've given us, we are now ready to end bring our testing session to a close. We will be taking the final list of 40+ accounts and preparing their cubi rewards on their own servers.


We would also like to offer a special congratulations to FeaR for reaching 103!



If you still have not recieved your bonus cubi/Jaden as outlined in the post before this, please send a email to

with your LOGIN name to the server if your intended prize destination.

For Hemera/Erebe players please remember to include your server name.


Once again we would like to thank everyone for their help in testing WoI Loki! :)

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

War of the Immortals: Loki Server Beta

WOI: Loki Beta


We are looking for 5 select players from your server (PWE, PWA, XJD) to Beta Test our new War of the Immortals server, your participation is important and we are looking for active players in these server communities to assist us with this crucial point of testing. We are looking for players who will actively test and report bugs, or any other server anomolies. 

To reward our dedicated testers you will gain $25 Worth of your servers currency (Cubi or Jaden) when your  WOI: Loki  character reaches lvl 45

When your  WOI: Loki  character reaches the lvl 100 bench mark, you will recieve $75 Worth of your servers currency (Cubi or Jaden)

We will also grant numerous other ingame rewards on WOI: Loki!


To apply for beta please follow the strict email application below.



Email To:

Email Subject: Loki Beta

Current Server:



Your WOI account will be created using the same username AND password from whichever you apply from.


We thank you for your time and interest! Happy Gaming!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

~Bugged Characters!~

Dear players, 


A Small Group of players have been effected by a bug that has caused their characters to revert to level 0 and get an error when logging in that states "Unable to Retrieve Character Data", please do not confuse this with the characters being stuck in Elysium. This bug has essentially deleted their characters, and we are unable to restore them to their previous state. To this end we are ready to begin compensation efforts to make those people whole again in their loss.


Those players who have been effected by this bug, please submit a ticket with the following information.


Please Subject it as "CBC25"

Please include a screen shot of the Bugged Charcter


Please make sure your ticket has the screen shot AND the mentioned subject or your ticket will be closed without a reply!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Xtreme Jade Planned Changes.

Xtreme Jade Changes

Cash Shop Changes
  • Kirin Sigils Price Reduction -> 200 Jaden/E Sigil, Additionally Kirin Sigils will now be bind on pick up and will also bind upon refine.
  • Affinity Bead Price Reduction -> 3 Jaden/x500 Beads
  • Chaos Treasure Price Reduction -> 5 Jaden/ Box (Due to the Possible Reward this lotto can give, we have decided to keep the price higher than the others
  • The Secrets required to change affinity are now made public! they can be found under Materials -> Secrets at 300 jaden each
  • All Chat Speakers have been changed to 14 day durations. (Delayed)

~Cash Shop Additions~
  1. (Athen Chest) Though we were not able to use this particular chest for the armors you may still use it to obtain the other items within it.
  2. (Starry Case)
  3.  Gaia Grimoire
  4.  Vino Veritas
  5. Warlord Bounty
  6.  Imperial Token
  1. Reforge Stone
  2. Kirin Sigil Bundles of 5 and 10
  3. Lunar Case
  1. Lady Usagi Set
  2. Duke Usagi Set
  3. Anan Set (Sincere)
  4. Bilu Set (Devotion)
  5. Velonus Set (Infamous)
  1. Chromatic Plume
  2. Pengo
  3. Dream Weaver
  4. Budding Kindleaf

  1. Fortox Gem
  2. Inzen Gem
**MISC** (SECTION Delayed)
  1. Cunning Fox
  2. Burning Love
  3. Smiley Puss

All Delayed Features are delayed until the NEXT Update, which we hope to apply within 2 weeks.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Geryon/Frank!

From all of us on PWE and XtremeJade Dynasty we thank you for all your hard work and putting up with us at times. We wish you a Great Birthday and many more to come. Thank you

Manny Manny happy return of the day FranK 

On the behalf of Abyss (guildname) i wanna wish u  a happy bday m8 . God bless u and make ur every dream come true we pray .
 and i need to say and BIG BIG BIG BIG thankis for a great server u make for us and work really hard for us m8
and just need to say go get make  a big party m8 and we r alway's be here at game as ur nice frnds forever  and WE LOVE U AND PWE A LOT 

FilleR (executor Abyss) 
server Hemera
Woot Woooooooot We ROCK 

Hey Frank
I want to wish you a very happy Birthday, I’m Leanna From Solstice and i wish to thank you for everything you’ve done and all your hard work you have put into PWE,  you are the back bone of this server and i personally love everything you’ve done with PWE. I know it can’t be easy and you’ve put in a lot of work over the years, and it’s paid off well, I’ve enjoyed every minute I’ve spent the past 3 years playing and it’s all thanks to you and all the hard work you’ve done, keep up the awesome work and have a equally awesome birthday.
Lots of love
Leanna from Solstice
I will always be thankful to you for all the hard work and efforts you have put in in making PWE a great game to play.
Being in this game have given me so much more than just enjoyment of a game but good friends  as well, friends that let me appreciate this game even more .  So on your special day I would like to wish you a Happy Birthday and hope of more to come.
Thank you for the patience and understanding you've shown to us players, when we were getting frustrated with thing beyond our control...Thank you for  a lot of things. Hope this letter brighten up your day for even just a bit and let you feel how very special you are to a lot of people, even oceans away. Happy Birthday Frank and Thank you.

                                                                                                                                                                            reirin3 of Solstice

I  found a little poem, hope you like it =)

Count your garden by the flowers
Never by the leaves that fall.
Count your day by golden hours
Don't remember clouds at all.
Count your nights by stars not shadows.
Count your life by smile not tears.
And  with joy on every birthday 
count your age by friends not years .
Hi i'm Teegan from pwe, I would like to wish you a happy birthday and to say how much myself and so many appreciation what you do for us to give us a good game experience. PWE is the best private server ive ever been on, and we all look forward to the new updates.
Happy Birthday!

Dear Geryon,

It has been a great honor and pleasure working with you over the past 2 years, I would like to personally express my gratitude in allowing me to be apart of your growing community, you have spared very little in the effort to bring your players great entertainment and great patches, it is because of that your communities are here today, I would like to express my thanks in putting the efforts you have into bringing the servers the patches you have. On this special day I wish to offer my deepest wishes and blessings on your birthday, Happy Birthday Geryon! May eternal Mercy and Love follow you all of your days in abundance. Be well old friend.

Your Friend,

Just Dropping a line to say Happy BirthDay Geryon and i wanted to say TYVM for the wonderfull server u have set up here. I  am very glad to be part of it in any way that i can and get away from the carzy people on the regular as it seems you and your staff seem to actualy care about the player here. So Best BirthDay wishes and may you expand as far as you can i wish ya the best and grtz on another year.Have a best rest of the year and may you always get what you strive for :) And thanks for a nice place to play.
                                                                                             Best Wishes 

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Shura PKing issues

It has come to our attention that with a growing player base we must enforce our Non PK rules with Shura, because people refuse to listen we are going to attempt to move the spawn point and create a safe zone around it. Until then anyone found pking in the shura TOWN AREA (this does not mean all of Shura, just the town area) will be banned for 1 month, there is no reason we have to sit there 24.7 and police Shura, most of you are adults and can read, thus we expect you to do so. This is the final official warning we will give.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

~List of bugs/issues; Exp, item, crash and etc~

Hello players of XJD,
I'm here to go through the follow issues with you, and some advice we might have towards this.

List of Exp/tier Issues;

~ Quest experience is too low (Talchi Pills etc.)
~ Battleground boss gives exp if only players attack
(Summons / pets will cause it to bug up and not target you, therefore losing exp
~ Some people get stuck after survivning for 10 minutes (Skyscream quest name; Mountain Dweller) Solution; Switch realms, this should fix it.
~ Bamboos can be 1 hit with the follow skills (Rayan - Thunder Cut, Celan - Soundblade Emperor, Modo - Flesh Burn)

List of Skill Bugs;
~ Celan's Soundblade Emperor, +40% critstrike chance doesn't work (Tested this with my own celan and 2 others on level 1 mobs, and only crited once every so often)
~ Cannot use skill Summon Pet in KL safezone (Works on offical)
~ Rayan's Ultima's White damage is too much.

List of Item Issues;
~ Wings on marketplace are only 10J (GM section needs to be higher)
~ Balo esper parts 10J (GM section Needs to be higher)
~ Newly-Made-Elxir (main > affinity) needs to be removed, since it's not working.
~ Ghostdom boss in Kunlun drops no items
~ Missing treasure chest for ATHAN race
~ Pets Anan and Bilu reset to level 1 if you tame them

List of Crash Issues;
~ Client crashes because some characters do not appear on screen, which causes client to debug.
~ Some peoples clients crash due to FPS/Graphical Lag (Press F10 to hide people this might help)

List of Lag Issues
~ People doing certain things gets disconnected at random times (12:30) everyday for some people who are GMT +1
~ PvE server disconnects people randomly over night (had this reported to me a few times, also reported by several different players)

top 10 Popular Suggestions;
~ Affinity Beads Reduced to 2.5jaden for 999x or 1000x
~ Chroma Beads added for 50 per 25silver/50silver
~ Chaos Treasure Reduced
~ Arcane Coin + Bullion reduced in price, or increased in quantity
~ Wedding packs reduced
~ Bid Sigil to marketplace
~ Honor gem reduced in price or increased in quantity
~ Level 75 espers to be added with 2-5Jaden price.
~ Fashion with no skills reduced to 3jaden, 1 jaden, 1 jaden (Chest, feet, hair)
~ 9999 stacks of potions so people can farm for longer

Rules of PvPing;
Posting about this to clear up some issues,
You are NOT allowed to Pvp on Serenity PvE on any circumstances...
You are NOT allowed to spawn kill at shura
You are NOT allowed to kill on the stone tiles in shura (Pvp on the grass only)